Next to extensive services as technical consultancy and installation, AS-ta can also deliver products that induce and reduce energy.

Control panals and installation.kanteloven-3.jpg

arrowAS-ta designs and installs control panel’s only with qualified specialists. From high power panel’s until PCB boards.


Solar and collector panals.

zonnepaneel.jpgarrowWith rising energy costs your investment has been rapidly repaid, if you have to wait on politics, you can wait for a long time. Take action to make an investment plan.


AS-ta Led Lighting.

arrowCompared to normal lighting solutions – and even the more efficient energy saving lamps – AS-ta Led Lighting is far more efficient in power consumption and durability. Reducing costs by increasing energy efficiency and improving the product life-cycle you are also helping the environment.

The lower intensity and cool white color – known issues with led lighting replacements – are no longer a reason to stick to your current lighting solutions: they are continually being studied and improved by AS-ta and its beamer.jpgsuppliers.

For example, AS-ta can already deliver higher intensity and warm white variants.

Please contact us for a .pdf product catalogue and price list.

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