Arie Stam technical consultancy

After years of experience’s AS-ta technical consultancy decided to focus on full-service solutions. The know how and services together with reliable partners is now available.

Through the years of experience in several techniques and specializations, combined with a high developed technical know-how AS-ta is able to provide a very wide spectrum of services.

As an independent company, AS-ta technical consultancy can provide scaled solutions between client and executor for various technical questions and assignments.

Solid partner in several specialisations.

arrowInnovative projects, R&D assignments, Industrial automation, Process Control, Cryogenics, Vacuum Technology, Energy savings, Communication, Led light.

Scalable service.

arrowThough combination of experience and a network of specialised partners we can provide our clients with all-round technical services.

Costumer and/or Partner.

arrowThe service can work from both sides, you can be the costumer but we can also provide your company with assignments. Several partners.

Full certificated electrical installation company.

arrowTo carry out all your electrical and mechanical assignments, temporary, partly or full service and for long periods.

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Contact Information.

Lindenlaan 53, Schagen (kaart)